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Immortals Undergo Quarantine Following The Positive COVID-19 Tests



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Immortals are one of the organizations that have been competing in many games like CS:GO, League Of Legends, and many more. Right now, they are standing in the middle of the standings in LCS Summer 2021.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all the events and concerts got cancelled around the whole world. Therefore, Riot Games decided to pursue online in all of the tournaments such as LCS, LEC, LCK, and more.

However, the vaccination started in 2021, and the cases are started to drop in most of the countries. Because of that, Riot Games decided to bring the LCS teams to the LAN even once again this year.

Unfortunately, LCS announced on their official Twitter account that Immortals have a pair of positive coronavirus cases in the team, which means that they won’t attend their match from the stage. Instead, they will be playing the game remotely.

Furthermore, LCS didn’t reveal which members of the team got infected, but they are having conversations with Immortals to find who could possibly get the coronavirus. Also, they pointed out that other teams could play in the LAN event safely.

Here is the announcement from LCS:

“Earlier today, the LCS learned that Immortals will be undergoing quarantine due to a pair of positive COVID-19 tests. In conjunction with Immortals, we’re currently undergoing contact tracing to understand who, if anyone else, may be impacted. We wish those who tested positive a swift recovery.

This weekend, Immortals will play their three LCS matches remotely, and their opponents have been given the option to play remotely as well. During those matches, we’ll be instituting a brief delay (among other measures) to ensure competitive integrity. We expect all other LCS matches and broadcast elements to proceed normally.”

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