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Interro And Pengu Are Discussing The New Ranked Changes On Rainbow Six Siege



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Famous caster Parker “Interro” Mackay and professional player Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen had discussed the new ranked mode changes in Rainbow Six Siege. By far, we knew that ranked will be now only bomb mode, also has pick and ban system.

Interro said:

“Like many games before it, Rainbow 6 can be balanced around competitive play while still being fun for casual gamers. Still, there are frustrating aspects of R6, casually & competitively, that are being addressed. I’m hopeful the casual side will be open-minded about the changes. Also, neither Hostage nor Secure Area are being removed from the game. They’ll still be in Casual. If that makes you unhappy then maybe it’d be better to lobby for further changes to the Casual mode than to be angry that Ranked is changing.”

A fan named Blaze said:

“If casual side should be open minded, then why competitive side can’t? Perhaps make the third que in the middle?”

Interro replied:

“This isn’t a “both sides” situation. A massive percentage of every game’s playerbase plays for a few hours a week. Those gamers don’t tend to have the same experience as the more hardcore side of the game. Pros have bad ideas, too, but they tend to have a lot stronger insight.”

G2 Esports Player Pengu said:

“I’ve always loved the philosophy of balancing around pro scene but creating content for the casual scene, we don’t mind content, we just mind ‘broken or imbalanced’ which rarely hurts or changes the average player, I kind of wish secure / hostage stayed in ranked”

Interro replied:

“I think there are too many benefits from making Ranked Bomb-only to pass up the opportunity. I’m not often in favour of removing content but in this case I think it’s the right call.”


“I wonder the same? You’re hurting two thirds of game mode player bases and the bomb one isn’t benefitting from it? It’s more like a neutral ground for those, nothings is different”


“I think the community benefits from it. The game just isn’t balanced nor designed around Secure Area or Hostage. People who never play Bomb will have completely different opinions about how the game is balanced. That disconnect shows up on reddit every day.”

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