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Is the New AUG Meta Making CSGO Worse?



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Scopped AR’s (AUG/SG553) meta has arrived with October 9 update in CS GO. Update reduced the price of the Counter Terrorist sided AUG to $3,150 and of its Terrorist-sided counterpart, SG553 to $2,750. Which makes the two weapons only  $50 more expensive than the common used riffles, the AK-47 and both the M4A4 and M4A1-s. These scopped riffles have benefits againts the M4 and AK-47. SG553 has more fire rate and more DPS, AUG has same fire rate; but It has more armor penetration and capability of one shot headshot in close range.

2018 3rd best  CS GO player in the world  Niko Kovac; known as Niko, seems like  doesn’t like this meta at all.

Niko has tweeted:

“AUG is such a noob weapon, don’t mad at me.”

But answers in his tweet doesn’t seem like all pro players agreed with Niko. Apparently fnatic player Krimz, and  SPIIDI from Sprout does like to play with aug. Also Twistzz from Team Liquid has playing scopped weapons before the update. He is probably pioneer of this meta. And danish in game leader Karrigan one of the first players who plays AUG/SG553 after the update. Additionally; Luminosity player Lucas, G2 player Shox and Hunter from Valiance stated their negative opinions about the new meta in their personal twitter accounts.

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