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ISSAA Leaves Turkish Superteam Eternal Fire



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Issa “ISSAA” Murad is a 24-year-old  Jordanian CS:GO player who had played for teams like Hellraisers, OG Esports, and many more. In August 2021, he joined the Turkish superteam Eternal Fire.

Back in the days, it was rumored that Özgür “woxic” Eker and İsmailсan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş will be gathering to create the Turkish superteam that features Ömer “imoRR” Karataş, Buğra “Calyx” Arkın, and Yasin “xfl0ud” Koç.

However, the deal with xfl0ud couldn’t happen in the end, and the organization decided to sign Issa “ISSAA” Murad as the only foreigner. Unfortunately, the roster couldn’t bring the results as they wanted.

Yesterday, Eternal Fire announced via their official Twitter account that ISSAA decided to step down from the team because he couldn’t adapt to Turkey and decided to return to his own country.

Later on, ISSAA also showed his gratitude to the fans and organization for their support in this short journey and thanked them for everything they have done for him. Also, the talented rifler pointed out that his future is unclear for now.

Furthermore, the in-game leader of the roster XANTERES also pointed out on Twitter that it was such a sudden decision that all the players are in shock because of that, but they will overcome the situation no matter what.

Here is the official announcement from Eternal Fire:

Thanks, ISSAA. Because of he could not adapt to Turkey and decided to return to his own country, we decided to separate ways. Thanks for your hard work. Good luck in your career.”

ISSAA reflected on his decision to leave the squad:

Thank you, everyone, for supporting me through this short journey, Specially the welcome I got from the Turkish community. Sadly it ended this way, But it was gonna be hard for long term, Thank you Eternal Fire & my teammates for this opportunity. Unclear for my future for now.”

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