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It’s Official! Team Liquid Farewells To CS:GO Player nitr0



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One of the greatest in-game leaders in North America, Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella, is a 24-year-old CS:GO player who had been playing under Team Liquid jersey since January 2015. In his career, he earned over $900.000 form the tournaments.

About three days ago, there were lots of rumors about nitr0’s departure from Team Liquid and possible transfer for the roster. After a short period, the co-CEO of the Team Liquid confirmed that there will be some roster changes in the near future.

Yesterday, Team Liquid officially said goodbye to nitr0 by sharing a special video for him and showed their gratitude to him after 5 years of representing Team Liquid.

While the whole roster shared their thoughts about nitr0 during his departure, nitr0 stated that watching this video from Team Liquid brought tears into his eyes. In this way, nitr0 showed how hard it was to leave Team Liquid after spending lots of time with the organization.

Here is the official statement from Team Liquid:

“From prospect to champion. From underdog to leader. So few can say they’ve achieved what you have, and no words will ever be enough to describe how proud we are of how far you’ve come. Thank you for five amazing years, Captain.”

nitr0 wrote:

“This brought tears to my eyes. I honestly have no words to say. I love all of you 💗”

You can check out the video below and click here for the full statement from Team Liquid.

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