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JasonR Pulls Of A 1V5 Clutch In Valorant With Viper



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One of the most watch FPS streamers on Twitch, JasonR, took his official Twitter account to share a new post and showed off an incredible clutch in the new map of Valorant, Breeze, with an amazing after plant scenario vai Viper.

As you can see in the video below, JasonR was left alone as the minute hits the 1.30 mark as an attacker, and he traded the enemy Sage in front of the B Main. Afterward, he put his crosshair towards the B Elbow.

Even though the timing hit JasonR hard after getting hit by enemy Jett as he turned his back to the B Main, he managed to hit a headshot to Jett, who was Version1 player Anthony “vanity” Malaspina.

Later on, Skye pushed him from the same angle with an operator, but Jason took him down as well after she missed her shot. When the clock was down under forty seconds, JasonR put her Poison Cloud as well as her ultimate to get cover on A Side and put the spike down in front of the right side of the pyramid.

Although he got hit by a lot as he was planting the spike, he managed to get out of her ultimate and killed the enemy Viper. Then, he sent one of Viper’s Snake Bites and went back to the A Lobby. After a short period, JasonR sent the second Snake Bite towards the spike.

However, the enemy Sova managed to take down Jason justly after he sent the Snake Bite. Unfortunately for the defenders, Snake Bite landed on top of the spike and there was no time to defuse the spike. With this play, JasonR managed to win the round for his team.

Here is what JasonR wrote:

“1v5 Viper lineups… Who’s mad?”

You can check out the post below.

Who Is JasonR

Jason Ruchelski, known as “JasonR,” is a 26-year-old Canadian former CS:GO player who started to be known in the scene with Spylce in between December 2015 and July 2016. Afterward, he didn’t really compete at the top level and started his streaming career.

As JasonR was making an ESEA and Faceit Pro League streams on Twitch, Optic Gaming was looking for a stand-in for their roster, and they agreed with JasonR. Even though they performed well together, Jason didn’t want to continue because his teammates were treating unfairly for the results.

Afterward, he continued streaming on Twitch, and it was mostly CS:GO. However, JasonR started to play Valorant since the release of the game and felt like he can play in the competitive scene once again.

In June 2020, JasonR announced that he joined FaZe Clan as the team captain of the roster and created a big hype around the scene. However, things didn’t work out between them and JasonR left the team even before playing in a tournament. Right now, he still has been streaming on Twitch.

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