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KingGeorge Comes Across With The Weirdest Bug In Rainbow Six Siege



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One of the biggest streamers in Rainbow Six Siege scene, George “KingGeorge” Kassa is a former professional player who had played for teams like Vertical Gaming, Continuum, and many more.

KingGeorge took his official Twitter account to share a new video from his recent Twitch stream, and showed one of the weirdest bugs that you could experience in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that has lots of bugs such as sounds, utilities, and many more. However, the most interesting bug that we saw happened to KingGeorge in his livestream, which is being immune to the bullets.

As you can see in the video, KingGeorge was playing on the Chalet, and he was rappaling down from the roof. Even though he saw the enemy in the window and sprayed a full magazine, he couldn’t take down the enemy.

KingGeorge wrote:

“New bullet proof operator.”

You can check out the post below.

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