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KingGeorge Shows How Broken Alibi’s Weapon Is After The Update



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George Kassa, known as “KingGeorge,” is a 30-year-old American former Rainbow Six Siege player who is one of the first winners of Six Invitational. In his career, he played for teams like Continuum, Vertical Gaming, and more.

After his retirement, KingGeorge has become a full-time streamer on Twitch, and he is one of the most-watched streamers in the Rainbow Six Siege scene. Recently, he revealed the power of the new Alibi update via his Twitter account.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that has a one-shot-headshot feature, which means that it is so important to have high fire rate weapons because it is easier and faster to hit a headshot to take down the enemy.

Alibi’s weapon Mx4 Storm has one of the highest fire rates in the game, and Ubisoft recently added a 1.5x scope to it. As KingGeorge showed it on the Kanal map during his livestream, the weapon becomes much stronger right now.

As you can see in the video below, KingGeorge was peeking towards the outside from on top of the building, and took down two enemies back to back. Afterward, he peeked once more to get a three kill in the round immediately.

KingGeorge wrote:

“Alibi Mx4 Storm 1.5 is Broken.”

You can check out the post below.

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