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Knights Won’t Be Attending Six Mexico Major 2021 Due To Pandemic Restrictions



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Knights saddened the Rainbow Six Siege community by releasing a devastating announcement about the upcoming events via their official Twitter account.

Knights is an Oceanian organization that qualified for one of the biggest events in Rainbow Six Siege esports, Six Mexico Major 2021, by winning the APAC South 2021 – Stage 2. However, they could not attend the tournament.

In the announcement, the organization announced that newly-imposed travel restrictions by the Australian government made them unable to fly to Mexico, even though they did all the preparations for it.

While Knights were saying that they are pretty devastated about the results even after all the hard work they give to qualify for the tournament, they also thanked Ubisoft for everything they have done for them.

After the announcement, the whole Rainbow Six Siege community supported the Oceanian organization and sent their respect for the players. In this way, the scene showed why it is one of the greatest communities in esports.

Knights’ announcement about Six Major Mexico:

“We are sad to announce that our R6 team will not be able to participate in the Six Mexico Major, As an organization and team, we took all necessary steps to prepare for the tournament and travel, but, unfortunately, newly re-imposed and very strict travel restrictions have taken effect in Australia.

Every possible option has been examined and the consensus has been reached that the major will be played with 15 teams. Our players, who have shown commendable dedication and grit in order to qualify into this international tournament, are understandably heartbroken at this turn of events, we hope the R6 community will join us in recognizing their hard work and accomplishments.

We also appreciate Ubisoft’s care and efforts during this unfortunate situation. Even though we won’t be able to participate in person, the Knights will absolutely be supporting this tournament and watching along with the rest of the fans.”

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