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“Koosta Is One Of The Best Versatile Players I’ve Ever Seen” Gen.G Esports CS:GO Coach Elmapuddy Says



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Chris Tebbit, known as “Elmapuddy,” is a 24-year-old Australian CS:GO coach who has been working for Gen.G Esports since December 2019. Previously, he had worked for ORDER and Cloud9.

After Gen.G Esports couldn’t gather themselves following the departures of daps and s0m and allowed their roster to consider their options, Elmapuddy spoke in a recent interview with and talked about their past, the problems inside the team, and many more.

In the conversation, Elmapuddy shared his thoughts about one of the most underrated players in the scene, Koosta. He stated that Koosta is such a versatile player that you couldn’t find anyone like him easily and said that he could play any role and understand the playstyle so quickly.

Additionally, Elmapuddy mentioned that Koosta has always been thinking about the game and how to improve his gameplay while watching the old clips and considering how he could done it better all the time.

Interviewer asked:

“koosta, in my eyes, is an underrated player by the general public in terms of what he brings to a team, and I saw daps put out a tweet after you were allowed to explore options that said the same. What can you say about what koosta has brought to the lineup overall, and how do you think he slotted in as an in-game leader towards the end of the roster?”

Elmapuddy replied:

“koosta is one of the most versatile players I’ve seen. He’ll play any role and he understands how to play it and what is required of him in that position. We started the year off with him being more of an edge player, and then towards the end, when he was in-game leading, he was more towards the pack and obviously also calling.

He’s very versatile and he thinks about the game a lot, you can tell by the way he talks about the game that he spends a lot of time thinking about what the correct move would be in different situations, how different rounds played out in the past , how he could’ve played them better.”

He added:

“I definitely do think he’s underrated as he is one of those players who can slot in anywhere and will do a great job. I was excited about working with him to get his calling as far as possible, but obviously that might not happen now.

He can fill any slot on a team and he’ll do it really well, he’ll communicate efficiently, he’ll go in if the team needs him to go in, he’ll fall back, he’ll throw the grenades you need, he can basically do anything, including AWP.

Whatever you need him to do he’s there to do it, and he’s one of those players who allow everyone else to be more comfortable, which is why I think he’s a bit underrated. Say someone needs a position, like BnTeT needs a certain position, he’ll go and play the other position because he can do it, and he allows his teammates to shine in that way.”

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