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Korean FPS Legend glow Retires From Professional Play



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Kim Min-soo, known as “glow,” is a 33-year-old South Korean former CS:GO player who switched to Valorant has announced his retirement via the official YouTube account of his team, Vision Strikers.

glow had a huge part of the Korean CS:GO scene to grow with his work with MVP PK for over four years. They were the best Korean CS:GO roster during this period, however, they couldn’t have huge success in the international scene.

In June 2020, glow and his colleagues from MVP PK decided to switch to Valorant, and they joined Vision Strikers. They were so successful in the Valorant scene as well as the CS:GO scene that, they were holding the 107-game winning streak record in the professional Valorant scene.

After they received their first loss in VTC Challengers Korea Stage 2 against F4Q. Later on, they failed to qualify for the biggest tournament of the Valorant scene by losing the finals of VCT Stage 2 Challengers in Korea against NUTURN.

Following the results, the veteran player of the roster glow decided to announce his retirement, and his team Vision Strikers shared a new video on the official YouTube account to farewell the legendary player.

“The Vision Strikers that you see today is a result of great patience and hard work,” glow said. “However, amidst all this competition, my time as a player was coming to an end. And I myself felt this the most especially over Challengers 1, and Challengers 2, where we ended up shocking a lot of people with our loss and where I felt that my ceiling as a player was at its limit.”

After announcing his retirement, another great player who has been playing for Cloud9 Valorant roster, Son “Xeta” Seon-ho, wanted to pay his respect for the legend and shared his opinion about glow’s retirement.

While Xeta was saying that he is so proud to learn the FPS games from glow, he also mentioned that glow was an inspirational captain and role model. Afterward, Xeta said goodbye to his former teammate.

Here is what Xeta said:

“I’m so proud myself that i can say i’ve learned FPS from such a legend like him ever since i joined MVP PK in CSGO. He was my inspiration captain and role model. Was a pleasure playing in same server with you.”

You can check out the announcement and the tweet of Xeta below.

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