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LAN Events Are Returning In CS:GO, Starting With ESL Cologne



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One of the most beautiful things about CS:GO is the LAN events. Players can interact with followers, flame each other on the stage, use the whole crowd during the matches, and many more. Also, the environment itself is perfect to watch and experience Counter-Strike.

Besides the major tournaments, which are the most important ones, there are few tournaments that created a culture in the CS:GO scene. ESL Katowice and Cologne are two of the most important events in the scene, not because only for the prize money, but also because of what these events meant to the people.

After the corona pandemic spread out to the whole world, ESL One Katowice became the first event that got canceled, which was a huge disappointment for the fans and players who wanted to experience one of the biggest events in the scene.

Over a year of non-stop online tournaments, the LAN events are finally coming back once again. ESL announced on their official Twitter account that the Cologne event will be a LAN tournament and thrilled the whole community.

The tournament will take place in between July 6 and 18, but the details of the tournament is not announced yet. After the announcement, the community got so hyped that even Team Liquid’s Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip shared his reaction.

“LAX —> Netherlands —> Cologne tomorrow for the first LAN back,” the American player showed his excitement about the Cologne LAN event. “No foot is too small to leave an imprint.”

Here is the official announcement from ESL:

“The competition is getting back where it belongs. The best teams. In one place.

LAN. IEM Cologne 2021. July 6 – 18.”

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