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LCS To Be Played Remote Due To Another Positive COVID-19 Test



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Yesterday, both LCS and Immortals announced that some of the members in Immortals tested positive for novel coronavirus, and they have been investigating the case since then.

Because of the positive coronavirus cases, LCS decided that Immorts should play their game remotely instead of playing at the studio to protect the other people. In the meantime, they were searching if anybody got exposed to the COVID-19.

Today, LCS announced that there were positive coronavirus cases inside the staff member of LCS. Therefore, they decided to move all the games to play online during this period to protect every single people in the studio.

Furthermore, LCS also pointed out that they will still test all the broadcast members frequently during this period and said that they will decide to return to the studio if they think it’s safe to do.

Here is the official announcement from LCS:

“Tonight the LCS learned of another positive COVID-19 test connected to a staff member of an LCS Team. Out of an abundance of caution, we’ve made the decision to have all pro players return to a remote play environment for the rest of the weekend.

We’d like to reinforce that this is cautionary. In both cases the positive tests came from people that have not been on-site at the LCS Arena.

We’ll continue to produce the rest of the broadcast from the Arena this weekend, but as a result of players playing remotely, POV feeds will not be available on Pro View. Going into Week 9, we’ll determine if it’s safe to bring teams back to the Arena. “

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