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League Of Legends’ New Champion Akshan Can’t Be Played As ADC And Here Is Why



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Riot Games recently introduced us the new champion, Akshan, which is a ranged assassin. Right now, he can be tried out on the test server.

Akshan abilities are quite unique compared to the League Of Legend champions. His Q skill is a boomerang that similar to Sivir, and his W skill can make him invisible as well as reviving his teammates.

W skill is more complex than you might have taught. It has a really wide range to be seen to the enemies unlike Twitch, and you can only revive your teammates in the base if you kill the enemies who took down your teammates in short period.

On the other hand, Akshan’s most unique ability is his E. With this ability, he can hook a surface to fly in a circle, dealing damage during this period. Additionally, the cooldown resets whenever you get a kill or assist.

Akshan’s ultimate ability is really similar to Caitlyn. He can lock into an enemy and charge his weapon in time, which will deal more damage if you fully stacked it up. Then, the missiles will follow the enemy.

Can Akshan Be Playable As An ADC?

Riot Games designed Akshan to become a mid laner, or even a flex-pick for the top lane. However, some people could think that he can be playable in the bot lane, but it is actually the otherwise.

According to Twin Enso, who is the champion designer in League Of Legends, Akshan can not be playable in the bot lane even though he is a ranged champion due to two main reasons.

One of them is having a low attack range compared to other ADC’s such as Caitlyn, Ashe, and more. Because of that, he could be easily got poked out during the laning phase and lost his lane eventually.

The second reason is his kit is designed to roam around the map. Both of his W and E skill can give him a huge advantage to rotate around the map, and playing in the bot lane will prevent him from using these advantages.

Besides that, Twin Enso explained that Akshan’s wave clear is pretty slow compared to Sivir, who has the same kind of ability to clear waves. Moreover, he mentioned that Akshan has one of the lowest attack speed ratios in the game.

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