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League Of Legends Player Goldenglue Announces His Free Agency – Reveals His New Path



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Greyson Gilmer, known as “Goldenglue,” is a 23-year-old American League Of Legends player who had played for teams like Team Liquid, Immortals, and many more. Recently, he was playing for Golden Guardians.

Goldenglue took to his official Twitter account to announce his free agency and explained his departure from Golden Guardians.

He stated that it was so surprising to be benched after being the most valuable player of the team for the past season and showed his disappointment. While announcing his free agency, he stated that he is also looking for a team to join as a coach.

Here is what Goldenglue said:

“…In the end, the team decided to start Ablazeolive in LCS for the foreseeable future and I was absolutely devastated. I felt like I was one of the best performers on the team in Spring Split, and I had the most MVPs in our wins to show it, but it seemed like none of that mattered at the time.

Fast forward a couple days– I was preparing myself to play in Academy and earn back my LCS spot that I thought I deserved. However, Damonte was unexpectedly allowed to try out with the LCS team because he finally got Dignitas’ permission. After two days of scrims with Damonte, the team decided to use him for LCS. Now it was me vs Ablazeolive for the Academy spot.

The tryouts between us lasted up until one week before LCS started and they were really fierce tbh. We were both playing very well but, in the end, the org made a close decision to use Ablazeolive in Academy since he had less experience playing and was a younger player.”

He continued:

“Also the team was already filled with players (Darshan, Keith, and Hard) who had a lot of experience playing in Academy like me. To be honest, I was somewhat expecting this since he was younger than me and has never played in the LCS before. Nevertheless, I still couldn’t believe that I went from being a key performer on an LCS team that made playoffs, despite doubt from the community, to being teamless in a span of weeks.

Golden Guardians gratefully helped me reach out to other LCS teams to look for a spot and were even willing to waive the buyout fee, as this all happened so last minute. However, I was unable to find a team to play for, as there were only a few days left until LCS started.”

Goldenglue about his new future:

“I’ve spent the last month thinking a lot about my future. I’ve considered what my life would look like if I kept playing, if I tried coaching, streaming, or even tried going to college. While I still want to compete, I’m now more than ever open to the idea of taking on other roles.

After talking to many friends and mentors within the industry, I’ve decided that coaching makes a lot of sense for me, considering my personality type and player experience. The fact that I have over 7 years of experience competing on countless teams, it makes it very easy for me to relate and talk to players.

It’s impossible to understand the feelings and struggles that you go through as a pro player unless you have felt them yourself. In addition, by playing at such a high level for so long, I’ve acquired an immense amount of game knowledge that I can apply to coaching. I think growing myself as a coach seems like a viable but also very intriguing career path for me. I could see myself becoming the coach that I always needed but was never there for me.”

You can read the tweet below.

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