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League Of Legends Player ShowMaker’s Net Worth In 2021



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Heo “ShowMaker” Su is a 20-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who is considered as one of the best mid laners in the world. Also, he has been playing under DAMWON Gaming jersey for over three years.

ShowMaker started his professional League Of Legends career from top-level by joining DAMWON in November 2017, and he has been proving his talent to the whole world in the rift by beating up the best players.

As for the net worth of ShowMaker, it is nearly impossible to know how much money the esports players are earning because of the limited information we know about their contracts. Nevertheless, we can calculate the money he won from the tournaments.

ShowMaker’s Earnings From The Tournaments In 2021?

Since late 2020, ShowMaker and his colleagues have been dominating Korea as well as the world. They have won the LCK Summer 2020 and showed off their talents in the 2020 World Championship by beating up the Chinese team Sunning.

For the start of 2021, the Korean organization attended to annual KeSPA Cup 2020 and won the tournament without losing any series to the teams. They were unbeaten and ready to take over the world once again.

After having such a tournament, DAMWON was confident to play at LCK Spring 2021. They won both of their matches in the first week, and lost a single match in the next week. For the seven weeks, DAMWON Gaming didn’t see any losses and finished the group stage by only losing two matches.

In the playoffs, DAMWON did not show the slightest mistake and beat up every team they face without losing a single round as they won the trophy. With this results, they invited to Mid-Season Invitational 2021.

DAMWON was looking so dominant that they lost only a single match against Cloud9 in the group stage. While getting only two lost matches against Royal Never Give Up, they were the first team in the Rumble Stage as well.

However, things were not easy for them in the playoffs. First, they beat up MAD Lions with tough series. Then, ShowMaker and his colleagues lost the finals against the Chinese organization Royal Never Give Up with 2-3.

Following the results from the three tournaments, ShowMaker managed to earn a total of $53.968 in 2021 so far. But, he can for sure increase this number by winning out both LCK Summer 2021 and World Championship 2021.

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