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LEC Decides To Disable Hexflash Rune For Week 1 Due To A Bug



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Hexflash could be used from the Inspiration rune in League Of Legends, and it allows you to re-use the Flash in a different way. To use it, you need to charge the Hexflash without getting damage.

Right now, Hexflash is one of the most important rune pages in the game, especially for the supports. To make engages behind the walls or inside the brushes without getting seen, Hexflash is a very proficient rune to use.

However, during the match between Bilibili Gaming and Edward Gaming in Chinese LPL, a bug occurred due to the Hexflash rune and the match has been remade following Edward Gaming’s Meiko couldn’t use his Flash ability.

After the bug is experienced by the official and couldn’t be figured out in a short period, LEC has decided to disable the Hexflash rune for the first week of the tournament as Head Of Esports for League Of Legends Europe, Maximilian Peter Schmidt announced.

Here is the official announcement:

“Flashy LEC Update:

Due to yesterday’s bug in the LPL which caused both Hexflash and the regular Flash to be unusable we will be disabling the use of the Hexflash rune for LEC Week 1.”

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