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Lee Sin Mid Lane Is Nerfed In League Of Legends 11.16 Patch



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Lee Sin is one of the most played champions in the game. Not because of how strong Lee is, but also the flashy plays that you can make during the game with his crazy and highly-skilled mechanics.

For the last few patches, Lee Sin had been performing so well following the buffs into his E damage. Although maxing the Q ability was a must for Lee Sin, things have changed since season 11.

Thanks to his E buff, Lee could be able to pick as the flex pick, where he started to dominate the top lane as well as the mid lane. Even though it got nerfed in the 11.13 patch, he was still a good option for the lanes due to his sustainability from his W.

However, Riot Games wants to see Lee Sin to be played in the jungle. Therefore, the developers decided to reduce Lee Sin’s sustainability from his W in the 11.16 patch, which now has only 5% to 25% instead of 10 to 30.

We don’t think that this would affect the popularity of Lee Sin, because he is one of the unique champions that become popular due to his kit. He is so much fun to play, but now his win rate would slightly drop in the lanes compared to his jungle. Nevertheless, it will also hurt the sustainability of Lee in jungle.

Here are the nerfed champions in 11.16 patch notes:

  • Diana
    • Passive monster damage reduced 300 to 250%
  •  Fiora
    • E cooldown increased 11-5 to 11-7
  • Lee Sin
    • W Omnivamp reduced 10-30% to 5-25%
  • Lulu
    • W cooldown increased 15-11 to 16-12
    • R cooldown increased 110-80 to 120-80
  • Tahm Kench
    • Passive damage reduced 12-60 to 8-60
    • Q healing reduced 15-35 to 10-30
  • Xin Zhao
    • Base AD reduced 66-63
  • Ziggs
    • Mana increased 420 to 480
    • E damage per minute changed 40-180 to 30-190, slow recuded 30-50% to 10-50%

You can check out the full list below.

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