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Legend of Zelda And Super Mario Odyssey Will Have VR Support



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Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Odyssey will have VR support on Nintendo Switch.  Nintendo will bring a free update for both games. Nintendo Switch can be played with VR. However, some parts of the Super Mario Odyssey will have VR support.

Super Mario Odyssey‘s Cap, Seaside, and Luncheon Kingdom sections can be played with VR.  In these areas, players can “collect mini-notes and coins to complete their goals in three new mini-missions.”

Developers say that; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild completely can be played on VR. The newly announced VR modes will be available on April 25th with the update. Both games will need the Nintendo Labo VR Kit and Toy-Con VR Glasses to play with VR support. This kit will be available on April 12th.