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Legendary Call Of Duty Player JKap Retires From The Competitive Play



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Jordan Kaplan, known as “JKap,” is a 26-year-old Call Of Duty player who has been playing under Optic Gaming jersey for almost a year. In his career, he earned over $450.000 from the tournaments.

JKap saddened the community by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account to announce his retirement as a player.

In the post, he stated that this ten years long career gave him some of the best memories of his life and thanked the people for their support and prayers. While saying goodbye to the COD as a player, JKap stated that he wants to stay in the scene as a coach or member of the organization.

Here is what JKap said:

“I’m officially retiring from Call of Duty. It was an incredible 10-year run that gave me some of the best memories of my life, but it’s time to move on to another challenge. Thank you for all the support over the years.

Didn’t expect to get this emotional from all the love… I’m for real sitting here fighting back tears right now. With this all said, I’m looking to stay in the scene one way or another and am looking forward to figuring out exactly what the next step is soon.”

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