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Legendary CS:GO Player GeT_RiGhT Pursues Content Creation And Leaves Competitive CS



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Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund is a 30-year-old Swedish legendary CS:GO player who is known for his achievements with Ninjas In Pyjamas. Since January 2020, he had been playing for Dignitas.

After being benched by Dignitas for over a year, GeT_RiGhT was sharing some teasers about his new path via social media, and yesterday, he announced his departure from the competitive CS:GO.

In the statement, GeT_RiGhT said goodbye to all of the players and organizations in the community and said that it wasn’t really a shocking news for everybody. Also, he doesn’t prefer to call this decision as retiring because there is still a possibility of his return to the scene.

Here is what GeT_RiGhT said:

“It’s not really shocking news. I mean, it’s going to be shocking saying that I’m not going to be competing anymore. I think it was the right move because of my health and how I’ve felt for the past couple of years.

It doesn’t help that I’ve had panic attacks, issues with my arm, neck and head. And also the stomach disease that I have, the ear issue…

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working towards this goal and getting ready for this next stage in my career. Maybe I’ll have the energy to actually read the comments because the last couple of years haven’t been that positive for my family, for my friends and for myself.”

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