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Legendary CS:GO Player pashaBiceps Might Join The FaZe Clan



Jarosław Jarząbkowski, known as “pashaBiceps” is a 31-year-old Polish CS:GO player who had played with the organization; for over four years. After that, he tried his chance with AGO but now, he is not playing in the competitive scene. On 9 October, he said to Olofmeister that he wants to join FaZe Clan. Of course, this might have humor but we wanted to inform you as well.

pashaBiceps said:

“my friend @olofmeister we need to rebuild our relationship -niko +papito”

Olofmeister replied:

“Haha bro I think maybe -me first then we go make our own team”

pasha said:

“best idea 🙂 cya soon and gl hf”

You can check the tweets below.