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Luminosity Gaming Kicks PiXeL For Bizarre Reason



Photo Credit: The photo was taken from the social media of the people mentioned in the title. If the photo owner wants us to remove, we will do it immediately.

Muteeb Chaudary, known as “PiXeL” is an American Rainbow Six Siege player who had been playing for Luminosity Gaming since June 2019. After 2 Months, PiXeL announced that he left the team. According to his statement, the reason was playing bad on his first LAN event: DreamHack Montreal.

PiXeL said:

“As everyone is aware by now I am no longer apart of Luminosity’s roster anymore due to my performance at my very first LAN at DreamHack Montreal. I will not let my performance and its consequence deter me from getting back into Pro-League and attending another LAN event and play well with a team that is more suited with me both personality wise and mature when it comes to dealing with adversity and assessing what is the proper transition towards success. I’d like to thank Luminosity Gaming and their incredible staff members for assisting me with all my needs and making it possible to make Rainbow Six Siege be a career for me so that I can give it the time and focus needed to play in Pro-League. I’d like to thank the team as well for giving me the opportunity to play on their team in Pro-League during the 1st half of the split and also attend DreamHack Montreal with them. I will be forming my own team and grind with the new squad for future competitive tournaments and leagues in the near future. I once again would like to thank all my friends and also other pros that I have met who have been supportive and played as a mentor role for me since I was new to playing in PL and also at LAN. “

PiXeL added:

“Sorry to the fans for letting you guys down, my standard on my performance is usually set very high and I know I can do a lot better than what I have done so far during my rookie season of PL. Good luck to the rest of the teams in PL and hope to compete against you guys again at the highest level very soon.”

Click here to read the full announcement from him.

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