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Macie Jay Explains Why Mute Nerf Is A Good Change For The Game



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One of the biggest streamers in the Rainbow Six Siege who is known for his intelligent and creative plays, Macie Jay, wanted to share his thoughts about the new operator changes that Ubisoft brought with the new operation.

As Ubisoft announced the release of Operation Crystal Guard, they also made some changes on the maps as well as the operators. While some of the operators such as Fuze got buffed, some of them as Mute got nerfed.

Mute was designed to prevent attackers to gather intel from the map due to his gadget, which is a GC90 Signal Disrupter that blocks any remote detonations as well as the gadget controls in its radius.

However, the operator had been used to play as a breach denier when he can simply put the jammers right behind the reinforced walls. Because of that, Ubisoft lowered down the radius that these jammers have.

Macie Jay pointed out that this nerf is a good one for the sake of Rainbow Six Siege because it was absurd to see Mute denying most of the reinforced walls even though he wasn’t meant to be. In this way, Mute can be used as the information denier right now.

Macie Jay shared his opinion about the Mute changes:

“Mute nerf is good, one op being able to deny 8/10 walls is kinda absurd, not even including his ability to also deny drones.”

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