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Macie Jay Shares His Thoughts About New Rainbow Six Siege Patch That Features Echo Nerd



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One of the brilliant and intelligent content creators on Twitch, Macie Jay, wanted to share his thoughts about the new patch notes and revealed his opinion about the Echo nerfs.

With the arrival of the new operation, Neon Dawn, Rainbow Six Siege players will meet the new operator, Aruni. Furthermore, there are also lots of changes in the game, including Echo nerfs that make his drones visible to everyone.

In the post, Macie Jay mentioned that this is a good chance for the game and said that if this change is big for him, Ubisoft should make the drone manually cloaked while Echo on his drone. With these changes, the way Echo was playing would be different but will be more effective than this nerf.

Here is what Macie Jay said:

“I think Echo drones no longer being able to cloak is great, but if the nerf is too much allow him to manually cloak the drone when he’s on it. This would force Echo to proactively use it in order to feed intel and also make his death more punishing to the drone’s effectiveness.”

You can read the tweet below.

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