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Macie Jay Shares His Thoughts About The Assist Kills



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Macie Jay is considered as one of the smartest content creators in the Rainbow Six Siege scene who has been streaming full-time on Twitch. In early 2020, he also joined Team SoloMid as a content creator.

Yesterday, Macie wanted to share his thoughts about the new system updates as well as the kill-steal feature that happens when you one-tap the injured enemy via his official Twitter account.

In the tweet, Macie revealed his side about one of the most controversial topics in between the players and pointed out that the player who takes down the enemy should get the credit for the kill instead of the one who puts the last bullet.

Even though a player put all the effort and utility to injure the enemy right now, he wouldn’t get the score if he doesn’t put the final bullet. Instead, one of his teammates who shot this downed enemy will get the score.

Afterward, Macie talked about the removal of the points that you get when you injure an enemy and said that it is more beneficial for the game. As Macie said, players won’t be able to understand if they got an injured someone by randomly spamming the walls.

Macie Jay said:

“The person who downs a player gets credit for the kill! There’s also no more points for injures, you won’t know you downed someone from random wallbangs and nades, which is fantastic!”

You can check out the post below.

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