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Macie Jay Shows An 200 IQ Play With Reworked Fuze



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One of the most-watched streamers in the Rainbow Six Siege scene, Macie Jay, is known for his creative and intelligent plays. And recently, he made another great play that he shared on Twitter.

Ubisoft recently announced the Operation Crystal Guard, which is featuring a new operator Osa as well as map and operator reworks. One of the biggest changes was made for Fuze, who can now deploy his cluster charge into reinforced wall.

Following the update, Macie wanted to test the Fuze changes out in-game, and he made an amazing play during his Coastline match. While Macie was trying to attack the Hookah/Bar bombsite, and the bar was reinforced as always.

At first, Macie rappeled up towards the bar wall and put one of his cluster charges into the wall. Then, he moved the bar towards the aquarium and started to activate his gadget when he wanted to move towards the side.

After all the grenades dropped from the reinforced wall, the enemy who was playing Aruni started to change her position and ended up dying at the hands of Macie. With this play, Macie managed to impress his followers.

Macie Jay captioned:

“I was made for the new Fuze buff, I just love the tactical side of Siege!”

You can check out the post below.

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