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Macie Jay Wants Ubisoft to Add A Streamer Mode For Rainbow Six Siege



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Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best FPS games alongside CS:GO and Valorant, and the thing that makes it more unique is being a more tactical and realistic game.

Unfortunately, the game suffers from multiple problems for years. Cheaters that make you uninstall the game, sound bugs that cause the mask of the footsteps, match dodging features, and many more.

One of the main problems that Rainbow Six Siege has been being an unfriendly game for the content creators. These content creators could be easily tracked down on the streaming platforms, and getting stream sniped for almost every single game.

Because of that, players and content creators have been seeking help from Ubisoft to bring a good streamer mode that prevents any stream sniping cases. Macie Jay, who is one of the biggest streamers in Siege community, also called out Ubisoft for this feature yesterday.

Macie wanted Ubisoft to add a client sided streamer mode which was tried out on the test server because they could at least change their names frequently compared to the current version, which makes his account hidden from the stream.

Here is what Macie Jay said:

“Ubi, please add that client side streamer mode from the test server into the live build, I know we said it sucked but I can at least change my uplay username to something random and it’ll be hidden on my stream, then I can finally get some anonymity!”

You can check out the post below.

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