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MAD Lions CS:GO Coach Hunden Reveals His Opinion About Blast Premier: “Give Them A Major!”



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Nicolai Petersen, known as “Hunden,” is a 28-year-old Danish former CS:GO player who had been playing for MAD Lions since December 2018. In April 2020, he decided to be a coach for the same roster.

Hunden took his official Twitter account to share his opinion about the famous tournament, Blast Premier, and he showed how he is impressed with the production.

Hunden stated that the content is so good that he can watch the tournament all day. Because of that, he thought that it would be great that Valve would give one of the Majors in 2021.

Here is what Hunden said:

Blast Premier have done it again with the one step ahead production. I can almost watch all the hours each day, because the content is so good! Give them one of the majors in 2021, please.”

Director of product in Blast, Nicolas Estrup replied:

“Means a ton to hear, both for me and the rest of the team I’m sure. Thank you.”

Another fan named Axel wrote:

“It’s the same for me, I got burned out after just watching a few games when watching the Dreamhack and road to Rio broadcasts. Not the same on blast.”

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