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MAD Lions CS:GO Player HUNDEN Explains How They Will Be A Better Team



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Nicolai Petersen, known as “HUNDEN,” is a 28-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been representing MAD Lions for over a month. Before that, he had played for teams like SK Gaming, Copenhagen Wolves, Tricked Esports and many more.

During the interview with, HUNDEN said that if they figured out how to fix their mistakes, they will be a better and dangerous team. asked:

“One of the reasons the team is a notoriously difficult opponent for even some of the most experienced rosters is your deep map pool. A lot of teams, both young and experienced have troubles with this – tell us about how you managed to develop it.”

HUNDEN replied:

“In March we started with Bubzkji on the team, and we have just been grinding and working so hard for almost ten months now. When we have time to practice we just go in and try to fix the small mistakes on every single map, so no one can punish us badly. That is really good for us, and it seems like we can change up the map pool up all the time.”

He added:

“Two months ago we didn’t play Mirage, and now we play it and it’s one of our best maps. If we can keep on moving like this, we are going to be so dangerous in the future.”

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