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MAD Lion’s Kaiser Explains Why They Didn’t Afraid Of Facing Gen.G Esports



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Norman Kaiser, known as “Kaiser,” is a 22-year-old German League Of Legends player who has been playing under MAD Lions jersey for almost two years. Before that, he was playing for Mousesports.

MAD Lions made a miracle run in 2021 as they win both LEC Spring and Summer splits, which made them qualify for the League Of Legends World Championship 2021. Yesterday, they have become the only European team that got out of the group stage.

Before the tournament started, Kaiser spoke in an interview with Travis Gafford and evaluated how their group stage would go as well as talking about the toughest enemy they would face in their groups.

In the interview, Kaiser touched upon the fact that their biggest rival in the group stage was LNG because they could play aggressively in the early game and can take advantage of one small mistake and snowball the game.

Furthermore, the experienced support player pointed out that they are not afraid of Gen.G Esports because they have a similar approach to the game like Rogue, which is small paced and controlled gameplay.

Therefore, Kaiser mentioned that they weren’t really scared to play against Gen.G Esports due to the fact that their playstyle is pretty matchable with their game strategy. However, they managed to get a single victory out of three games they played against the Asian organization.

Kaiser talked about their group:

“I think LNG is like for sure our second or like the team that would get out out of this group for sure. I think they are likeour big biggest rival I would say.

Gen.G, I feel like they kind of remind me a bit of Rogue right? They play like a bit more controlled and like more slow right so I think that’s a good matchup for us. So I’m less worried about them than against LNG.

Because LNG like it’s kind of a flip you know sometimes like maybe we take a bad fight in the early game and then the game completely snowballs. So I’m most worried about LNG.”

You can check out the full interview below.

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