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MAD Lions Parts Ways With CS:GO Coach Peacemaker



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Luis Tadeu, known as “Peacemaker,” is a 32-year-old Brazilian CS:GO coach who had been working for MAD Lions since December 2019. Before that, he had coached for Heroic, TYLOO, and more.

Yesterday,  MAD Lions announced on their official Twitter account that the organization decided to part ways with their long-time coach. Afterward, Peacemaker shared his feelings about this decision on social media.

In the tweet, Peacemaker thanked all the players he worked with during his time with MAD Lions and said that he is so happy to have their support and trust as he farewelled his former teammates.

Here is what Peacemaker said:

“As it has been announced, the management from MAD Lions terminated my contract and I am no longer the Head Coach of the CSGO Team. I will release a more detailed statement in the next days.

For now, I just wanna thank ALL of the players I worked with throughout this one year and half in Tricked/MAD Lions We were considered one of the best upcoming teams in 2020 and this wouldnt be done w.o your talent, hardwork, trust and commitment to the project and me as a coach.

HooXi, roeJ, Sjuush, refrezh, acoR, and more recent TMB – I feel extremely satisfied having the trust and support from all of you and will always root for your success. Hope our paths crosses again in the future.”

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