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MAD’s Humanoid Shares His Opinion About The Korean Mid Laners



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Marek Brázda, known as “Humanoid,” is a 21-year-old Czech League Of Legends player who has been playing in the mid lane for MAD Lions since November 2019. Previously, he was playing for Splyce.

MAD Lions lost against DAMWON Gaming in the playoffs and were eliminated from the League Of Legends World Championship. Following the match, the players spoke in a post-match press conference.

In the conference, Humanoid was asked about the Asian midlaners such as Gen.G Esports’ Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong and DAMWON Gaming’s Heo “Showmaker” Su and shared his honest opinion about them.

The European mid laner pointed out that Showmaker is looking like the best mid laner in the Worlds right now and praised his talent. Also, he mentioned that he always had a fun playing against him.

On the other hand, Humanoid mentioned that Bdd is also such a great mid laner and said all of the Korean mid laners play the game really well in terms of strategy-wise, which is why make them the best.

Humanoid on the Korean mid laners:

“Showmaker always really well. He is looking like the best mid laner in the tournament. Whenever I play against him, it is a lot of fun. I’m just hoping I can meet him again in the future.

Bdd is also really good. I think LCK mid laners are better than all of other regions in this Worlds. All of them play really well, and they play the game really strategically and slowly, which is a bit different than Chinese mid laners. I think it suits the meta right now and I think they are just the best.”

You can check out the video below.

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