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MIBR Announces CS:GO Roster Changes



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24-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player Lucas Teles, known as “LUCAS1” had been playing for MIBR since June 2019. First, he was on trial and after 3 months, he got the contract. On 11 December 2019, MIBR announced the departure of the LUCAS1 and also their new player Ignacio “meyern” Meyer.

17-year-old Argentinian player Ignacio “meyern” Meyer was playing for Sharks Esports and he was transferred from the Isurus Gaming.

LUCAS1 said:

“One more cycle that ends. A decision that was jointly agreed by the team and that we must respect. Thank you Mibr and the whole team for the opportunity.”

meyern said:

“the most important opportunity of my life, let’s make history”

MIBR player FalleN said:

“Welcome bro, let’s work hard to do great things together. Short time but I can already say that you have an amazing talent and is a very hard boy. We have seen this combination before. Let’s go!”

You can check the tweets below.

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