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MIBR Announces Unexpected CS:GO Roster Changes



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Wilton Prado, known as “zews,” is a 32-year-old Brazilian CS:GO coach who had been coaching for MIBR since December 2018. Previously, he had coached for teams like Team Liquid, SK Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, and many more.

Today, MIBR has made a new announcement on their official Twitter account and stated that they decided to part ways with zews. Also, zews shared his thoughts about his feelings about this situation and stated that the problem was deep than it seems.

Here is the announcement from MIBR:

“Today we say goodbye to our brother zews, from coach to player, thank you for everything you did for the team!”

zews said:

“I’d like to say that I believe MIBR’s problems are closer to getting solved, but unfortunately I don’t know if I believe that to be the case.

The problems I found here are heavier, more complex and more deeply embedded than they seem to be, and in my opinion, the solutions tend to be more complex as well – requiring a bigger change to the roster and/or to its culture.”

zews continued:

“I do not wish to give excuses or to create problems, I take my blame, but at the same time, I have to analyze the situation to be able to learn from it and to continue to evolve as a professional.”

As for my future, nothing is settled. My wish is to continue competing and dedicating myself to this esport that I love. Due to the global crisis and COVID-19 I will stay in the US analyzing my options. In case you believe your organization and I have something valuable to add to each other, please contact me:”

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