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MIBR CS:GO Coach Dead Breaks Silence About Being Banned For Using The Exploit



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Yesterday, ESL found out that some of the coaches in the league used the coach spectating bug for their advantages which allows them to see any spot on the map during the match and banned them from the competitive scene.

One of the coaches was MIBR’s Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia, and ESL gave a six-month ban to him for using the exploit just in one round during the ESL One: Road To Rio matches. However, there was no information at all.

After the news, MIBR decided to suspend Dead from the roster until the allegations come clear and announced that they started an investigation about the claims and will make a statement afterward.

Moreover, Dead took to his official Twitter account to respond to these allegations and claimed that he first met the bug during their match against Triumph Gaming in the second round on Overpass.

Dead wanted to clear his name naturally and stated that he wasn’t exploiting the bug. He said that he left the server after the round he realized the bug and didn’t communicate with the players at all.

Here is what Dead said after sharing a clip from the match:

“Below the explanation, unfair accusation. The bug happened (first time it happened to me). I remember the round and made a point of not communicating anything about the round at all. The moves made show that there was no help. Promptly leaves the server after the round.

By the way, the punishment I’m getting is about this clip as ESL told MiBR, when we played vs Triumph at the Road to Rio organized by Beyond the Summit. That is the round I’m getting 6 months for.”

You can check out the tweets below.

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