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MIBR CS:GO Player FalleN Criticized The Tournament Organizers For Bizarre Reason



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One of the legendary AWP players in the CS:GO history, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, is a 28-year-old Brazilian player who has been leading MIBR for over one and a half years. Before that, he was playing for Luminosity Gaming and SK Gaming.

Yesterday, FalleN has made a new statement on his official Twitter account and criticized the tournament organizers for making their own team ranking systems. He stated that no organizers should do this.

Here is what FalleN said:

“…Despite this time being on the better part of it, I believe that no tournament organizer should be able to have their own Ranking. This is dangerous as it can be used to weigh your own tournaments more heavily than others – and this hurts the players and the fans.

It’s more than time to have an official ranking where teams can grow up from the bottom with even opportunities. The best teams should have a fair chance to emerge.”

His teammate TACO replied:

“Very happy to be invited but agreed we could review this ranking situation.”

You can read the tweets below.

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