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MIBR CS:GO Player FalleN Reveals How He Motivates Himself



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One of the most well-known AWP players in the CS:GO scene is Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo. He has been impactful to the game since he was playing for the Luminosity Gaming. Later on, he joined the SK Gaming and in June 2018, MIBR signed with the roster.

On 1st January, Betway Esports asked how he motivates himself to be the best and FalleN answered.

Betway Esports:

“So @FalleNCS, what motivates you to keep trying to be the best?”

FalleN said:

“I love getting to know and try to be ahaed of all the meta changes in the game, trying to be a good player by being one step ahead of my opponents tactical-wise and skill-wise. It’s challenging and very demanding.”

He added:

“Also winning the tournaments have to be one of the best feelings I ever had so trying to reproduce it and archive it once again is my goal at the moment.”

You can check the tweet below.

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