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MIBR CS:GO Player FalleN Steps Down As An In-Game Leader After Dead Got Banned Due To Coach Bug Abusing



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One of the iconic players in the CS:GO scene, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, is a 29-year-old Brazilian player who has been playing under MIBR jersey for over two years. Previously, he was playing for SK Gaming.

After a short period that MIBR’s coach Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia got banned due to using the coach spectating exploit for the roster, it seems like MIBR is making an important change in the roster to hope that the team will play better.

FalleN took to his official Twitter account to announce the new role changes in the MIBR roster and revealed that he is not the in-game leader of the roster anymore.

Brazilian legend stated that Vito “kNgV” Giuseppewas the second caller in the team for a long time and helped him so much during the matches. Furthermore, he said that they changed the roles between them and became the second caller of the team. With these changes, the rating of FalleN might improve in the near future.

Here is what FalleN said:

“kNgV has always been my right hand in in-game ideas and has already done some series that we inverted the roles, he is in charge and I assist when I feel I can Here we are trying very hard to start taking off. Thanks everyone.”

kNgV replied:

“You were and are the best captain that Brazil has ever had. Difficult mission but if you believe, let’s go!”

You can read the tweets below.

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