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MIBR CS:GO Player fer Reveals The Differences In The Team



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28-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player Fernando Alvarenga, know as “fer” has been representing MIBR since June 2018. Before that, he was playing for SK Gaming and Luminosity Gaming. In his career, he earned over $950.000 from the tournaments that he attended. Most of it, he played with Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and Epitácio “TACO” de Melo.

On 30 November, during the interview with, fer revealed the differences in the team. He said that everybody wants to play with their unique playstyles.

“Playing fnatic on Inferno in the opening game, you had a rough time as a team there. That is a map that seemingly all the teams play, it is kind of simple, and you guys have been struggling on it for quite a long time. Why do you think that is, what is the issue for you on the map?”

fer said:

“I think it is not only Inferno, but in general, all maps that we play, when we have to be patient and then take decisions individually or call teammates for help, we are struggling. On the other side, when we go for a full strat, we all know what to do, it is more natural for everyone. On Inferno, our map control is not good right now, even though we have everything to do map control, we know how to do it, but sometimes we can’t do it. We are working on Inferno and we know we are going to play fnatic again and they are probably going to pick it and we are prepared this time. I mean, we were prepared last time, but at the end of the day it was bad for us, so let’s see how it goes this time.”

He added:

“Anyway, we are three months together and I think we should have more experience on those things. But I don’t think it is just Inferno, on all maps we are struggling for map control. Of course, on some maps we are doing really good, for example on Overpass we were really good, but then we were not playing it for a month so we forgot things. I think we need to practice more and we have to do what we know we have to do. I think sometimes we are just forgetting stuff and that is basically it.” asked:

“Why do you think you have these issues when things need to be a bit slower, because going back to the original success of this team, that is what made you good: mid rounds and small individual plays. When do you think that went away and why?”

fer replied:

“As you say, in the past, we were known for having patience, getting map control, pushing them back so we have a lot of map to work on. But nowadays, as you say, sometimes you have to take decisions individually, in your space of the map, and we are doing bad decisions in the end. Sometimes it is kind of frustrating for the team, because for example against fnatic we were doing four-person Banana control because our Banana control is bad as T and we want to get that map control because we want to finish on B. And then KRIMZ pushed window and killed me while I was trying to fake something on mid.”

He continued:

“People think that what happened is bad because if you are alone on the other side of the map you should play safe, but if you do that and your teammates are going four B, the opponents on B will read that and communicate, so the A players will push for map control. So sometimes you have to play as if there are a lot of players with you and people don’t understand that. It is frustrating because you are trying to do something and if you get killed people will say “oh now they have second mid and they will play three B”…”

fer added:

“I think that in CS you have to play what you see in front of you. If you are going Banana and they want to fight you, you have to chose if you want to fight or you want to let them have Banana and retake later. I think that in our team people think differently, some want to fight, some want to let them take control and retake, but people have to be calm, patient, and wait for FalleN’s call. Sometimes people want to do what they think is best but in a game that is based on teamwork, you have to work with your team. If you are an individual player it is not going to be good in the end. Of course you can go walking up Banana and if they let you, you will get Banana. But if they want to fight you will lose the fight and it will be bad for us. I think when individual decisions need to be made, people are just too stressed and we are struggling.”

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