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MIBR CS:GO Player for Explains How Meyern Adapted To The Team



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One of the greatest aimers in the game, Fernando “fer” Alvarenga is a 28-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player who has been playing for MIBR since June 2018. Before that, he was representing SK Gaming. In his career, he earned around $1.000.000 from the tournaments.

A few days ago, during the interview with, fer revealed how Ignacio “meyern” Meyer adapted to the team since the beginning. said:

“In meyern’s situation, the open-mindedness you mentioned must play a huge role in allowing him to better adapt to the team…”

fer replied:

“Yes, of course. As I said, when you think that the team is above the individual, it’s way better. Sometimes you might see a gap and your team is not ready to use it. If you go for it, it could turn out well because you can be sneaky and kill two people, but sometimes your team might end up failing because they weren’t ready for your play. “

He added:

“You can screw your team because of that, but I think meyern and the rest try to think about the situations. Sometimes we have fast reactions as a team, so when you see a situation where you can react really fast and when everyone is on the same page, you react as a team, but the problem is when people don’t think the same way. meyern is really open-minded and he tries to fit into how the team wants to play, so I think it makes it easier, yeah.”

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