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MIBR Player Explains Why He Is Great On CS:GO



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Fernando “fer” Alvarenga is a Brazillian superstar who played together with legendary team Fallen, Coldzera and TACO. He played teams like Luminosity Gaming, SK Gaming and more. Currently, he is playing for MIBR.On 5 June, Betway Esports shared an event that players will be replying to the community’s question.

Fan Named Dex asked Fer:

“what did you do to be so good?”

Fer replied:

“it’s kinda simple. I like to do other things outside the game that makes me happy. So I like to play other games, gym and stuffs that makes me forget about my stressful routine. So when I come to practice or play tournaments it’s easy for me.”

Fer added:

“Also inside the game I do practice a lot my style and my weakness so if my style is not working I have my “plan B” to keep my level high and still being comfortable playing. Thanks for your question”

You can read the tweets below.

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