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MIBR’s Pro CS:GO Player Reveals Who is He Inspiring From



MIBR’s 24 years old CS:GO player Epitácio Filho, known as “TACO” has announced the person he wanted to be like him in the future and the person who inspired TACO: “pashaBiceps

30 years old veteran CS:GO player pasha, parted ways with at the middle of December on 2018. Currently, he is inactive from the day that he leaves Vp. He continues to stream on Twitch. Lots of people appreciate the good intentions, being excellent father, family member and qualified character that he shows on streams and tournaments. And TACO is one of them.

Pasha has tweeted photo of his pets and Taco replied:

“papa when I grow up i wanna be like you, great family and person thats all”

Pasha replied:

Nice to hear that”

You can check the tweets below.