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Mission: Impossible’s Director Has An Idea for Oscar: “Best Stunts Award”



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Christopher McQuarrie, director of Mission: Impossible, wants a new addition to the Oscar categories.

In the past months, the category ‘Best Popular Film’ has been added to the Oscar Awards, as an innovation to increase the number of spectators, and then the category has been removed due to its reactions.

The reason for this innovation to be removed without more intervention was based on the rationale for ‘preserving the 17-year Academy legacy’. An newness proposal came from Christopher McQuarrie, the director of Mission: Impossible 5. McQuarrie said that the Oscar Award Ceremony should get the best stunt award.

I can’t think of a film recently that might qualify” he joked in an interview with Collider, “but, that’s an art, that’s a skill, that’s a craft. Those are people risking their lives and doing things that are absolutely and utterly truly amazing and are so much a part of an experience like that. Not just in films like [Mission: Impossible]. You go look at Hell or High Water. Lone Survivor. The stunts in that movie were absolutely incredible. In terms of a new category, I think you need to do that.”