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Mousesports Announces Major Line-up Changes



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After a heartbreaking results at the EU Minor, Mousesports decided to change their line up. 28 years old awper Chris “chrisJ” de Jong had joined Mousesports in 2013. After a 6 years together, Mousesports benched chrisJ. Another player who has been benched from Mousesports, 22 years old Slovakian riffler Martin Styk, known as “STYKO”. Besides of persistence from chrisJ for 6 years, STYKO joined Mousesports in 2017. 1 year later, he benched and gone Cloud9 for 1 month on loan. After he rejoined Mousesports in 15 October 2018, STYKO’s unstable performance wasn’t enough for the team.

Also Mousesports benched their coach, Sergey Bezhanov, known as “Imbt” who had joined in 11 September 2016.

Mousesports’s youngstar Ropz:

“The first ever trophies in my career with these guys, I can’t thank them enough. It’s going to be pretty weird moving on without them since we were spending so many hours together each day but in the end this was the best for all of us moving forward.”

Mousesports’s riffler suNny said:

“Parting ways after one and a half years and 19 offline tournaments is not easy but sometimes a few steps back, can be multiple steps forward. There are no hard feelings or any bad blood inside the team, we just drove ourselves into a situation we couldn’t get out of and something had to change. It was the most successful run for all of us and I hope that this will change the careers of all of us for the better. Thank you guys for everything. Looking forward to a new and fresh chapter now, where we can be consistent contenders for titles again”

CEO of Mousesports Stefan Wendt:

“After the most successful season of our history, we already saw some issues within the team towards the end of the year and unfortunately we couldn’t turn it around in Katowice. To secure competitive success in 2019 we feel it is necessary that the team gets a fresh start. It’s a sad day for our organisation, as Sergey, Martin and Chris have been highly valued members of our team for a long time but we have to look forward and work hard to keep our place among the worlds best Counter-Strike teams”

“Everyone at the mouseports organisation wants to thank Chris, Sergey and Martin for all the effort they put in and every single one of them will be remembered as an integral part of the most successful season in the teams history”

Pro CS:GO player seangares tweeted:

“Mousesports losing ChrisJ is such a huge blow.”

Click here to read full announcement from Mousesports. Also you can check the tweets below.


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