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Mousesports Announces Six-Man CS:GO Roster With The Addition Of Bymas



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Aurimas Pipiras, known as “Bymas,” is a 16-year-old Lithuanian CS:GO player who was standing in for FaZe Clan since May 2020. Also, he shined with his awesome skill-level in the Face-it Pro League.

Mousesports announced that they signed Bymas to the roster and revealed that they will be creating a six-man roster with this addition. In this way, they became the second high-tier team that creates a six-man roster in CS:GO, alongside Astralis.

In the announcement, Mousesports stated that they realized how sudden circumstances can change this year, following the lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, and they want to be prepared for these kinds of problems with the addition of Bymas.

The upcoming tournament will be ESL One Cologne, and Mousesports cleared the air that bymas won’t be at the starting roster for ESL One Cologne. However, he will be their substitute in case anything happens.

Here is the official announcement from Mousesports:

Welcome bymas, as our new development player and official 6th man on our CS:GO roster.

We experienced how sudden circumstances can change this year. Thus we decided to broaden our roster and bring in a 6th player to be prepared. We are excited that we can present a huge talent as Bymas to fill that role, who fits into our philosphy of developing young players.”

A fan of Mousesports asked:

“He will play on cologne tho?”

Mousesports replied:

“No, starting roster for ESL One Cologne will be chrisJ, FROZEN, karrigan, ropz & w0xic, but bymas will be our substitute in case any tech issues happen.”

You can read the tweets below.

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