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Mousesports CS:GO Coach Rejin Admits He Abuse The Coach Bug



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Allan Petersen, known as “Rejin,” is a 30-year-old CS:GO coach who had been playing for Mousesports since April 2019. Before that, he had coached for Tricked Esports.

While the community still talking about the coaches that banned due to using the coach spectating bug that creates an unfair advantage to the teams, the scene shocked again with another confession.

Rejin took to his official Twitter account to make a confession about his experience with the coach spectating bug and saddened the community.

In the tweet, Rejin admitted that he used this bug during his time with Tricked Esports in 2017-2018 and stated that none of the players and staff members know about this. Also, he said that he never used any bug or anything else during his time in Mousesports.

While making this confession, Rejin knew that he was guilty and ready to take his punishment for what he had done. Afterward, he apologized from the scene and hoped that they could give him a second chance for the coaching position in the game.

Later on, Mousesports made an announcement on the official Twitter account and stated that they will suspend Rejin from the roster while the investigations continues and confirmed that nothing happened during his time with Mousesports.

Here is the statement from Rejin:

“During ESL Road to Rio (EU), I encountered a “coaching” bug that hadn’t happened to me for a long period of time. Meaning I thought the bug was fixed. I then informed the admin ‘Michau’ about that bug and told him it still exists. This led to the investigation that we all know today.

It then takes me back to a period that I deeply regret, when I knew I had totally screwed up when I was coaching Tricked in 2017-2018. I found out about the bug by accident, that if you were the first on the server and wrote coach ct/t you could get stuck.

Unfortunately, I used this bug at the time and I take full responsibility for my actions and there is absolutely no excuse for that. One thing I can say for sure is that the players did not know, under any circumstances, that I was using this bug. Neither did Tricked as an organisation or Mousesports.”

He continued:

“I have been working with Michau, behind closed doors, and I still am, to check all my demos.

That’s also why I didn’t come forward earlier, as I wanted all the facts straight and empty my bag. I do not wish to hide in the shadows. I regret it so much and wish I would have acted differently.

I have never used the bug or anything else during my time at Mousesports, and Michau has already watched and analyzed my demos throughout my time with the team. I will take my punishment and assume the consequences, only hoping that I can do my best to deserve a second chance in the future.

I am truly sorry and I would like to apologize to the teams, all the fans out there, the whole community, Mousesports, the players, my family and friends. And last, Morten (CEO) from Tricked Esport.”

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