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Mousesports CS:GO Player chrisJ Clears The Air About Woxic’s Situation



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Chris “chrisJ” de Jong is a 30-year-old Dutch CS:GO player who has been playing under Mousesports jersey for over seven years. In his career, he earned over $570.000 from the tournaments he attended.

Before Mousesports announced the roster changes, which they decided to bench Woxic and add Bymas to the active roster, there was a rumor about this decision. The rumors claimed that Mousesports is going to bench Woxic due to attitude problems, and most of the people thought that Woxic is a toxic player because of that.

Today, chrisJ took to his official Twitter account to clarify the allegations about Woxic and supported his teammate.

In the post, chrisJ stated that Woxic is not a toxic player at all, instead, he said that Woxic brought so much energy and hype to the team. Also, chrisJ mentioned that Woxic is one of the best teammates he ever played with and pointed out that he brings so much positive energy to the roster.

Here is what chrisJ said:

“Sad to see that things out of our control led to this. The hype and energy Woxic gave me and the whole team at LAN is unmatched, it’s amazing to play with him and he was a big reason for our successes.

The rumors about him being toxic is just complete nonsense, this guy puts so much positive energy in the game. ❤️”

Woxic replied:

“Thank you bro for everything, i learnt a lot, i won a lot. That’s also happened because of you and others. Can’t pay back 😊”

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