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Mousesports CS:GO Player Karrigan About Coronavirus: “This Is Really Sad”



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29-year-old Danish/German in-game leader, Finn Andersen, known as “Karrigan,” has been playing for Mousesports since March 2019. Before that, he had represented teams like Astralis, Team SoloMid, FaZe Clan and many more.

A few days ago, ESL has announced that ESL Pro League will be playing online due to the coronavirus that affects all around the world. Afterward, Karrigan replied to this and shared his opinion about this news.

Here is what Karrigan said:

“Sad News but a necessary step for everyone involved. In Denmark, we experienced a big increase in people getting sick in the last few days. Even if it’s online let’s all make sure that’s it’s going to be a great tournament.”

A fan named Jason added this comment:

“First top tier tournament within 10 hours of where I live, take time off work, and this is what I get…”

You can check the tweets below.

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