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Mousesports CS:GO Player Karrigan Reveals How To Play Dust 2



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One of the iconic in-game leaders of all time, Finn Andersen, known as “Karrigan,” is a 29-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been representing Mousesports jersey for almost a year. Before that, he was playing for FaZe Clan. In his career, he earned over $900.000 from the event.

A few days ago, during the recent interview with, Karrigan revealed how to play Dust 2 and what the teams should do to play better. asked:

“MAD Lions kept Dust2 open in the veto, despite the outcome of the opening series. What did you think about that decision and how the map panned out?”

Karrigan replied:

“They say they don’t have a weak map themselves, but I feel that Dust2 doesn’t really have much of what they say they’re coming with. Normally, when you play Dust2 you need to be able to have really good mid rounds and openings here and there, and executes.”

He continued:

“What I feel they’re best at is executing, and executing all the time on Dust2 is really tough because we’re going to try to go for duels and make sure they don’t execute their full utility. I think that was the difference-maker today, we had control of the whole game, during the time I didn’t feel nervous. In the end, I think we’re just a better team on that map and that’s probably something they have to prepare better for Katowice, or else people are going to pick it against them.”

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